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These three words means you’ve found what you’ve been looking for.



…because it is free from chemicals, hormones, growth promotants and other nasty additives.



…because animals should be free to graze on pasture and consume natural grasses. And as farmers we strive to protect our environment by improving our soil, biodiversity and habitat.



…so that you, the eater and cook, can actually get to know who it is raising the goods for your family.

Better for your family, better for our family and better for the environment.

Our chemical free, 100% grass-fed beef and paddock raised chooks are full of flavour and are tender, delicious and good for you. That’s because we practice organic growing methods at CGL Beef.

We sell direct to you, which means no more supermarket stressout!

How was it raised?  Did it live a good life?

Have I made the right choice?  Is the world a better place for choosing this… many questions!

So much guilt!  Buying food for your family shouldn’t be so hard.

“These are the loveliest and most passionate holistic farmers who produce top quality, delicious products”


Aimee Clark, Maroochydore
grass fed beef

Our family farming

CGL Beef  [ CLEAN, GREEN, LOCAL ] describes both our philosophy towards farming as well as the way food should be produced. Since 2010 we have been raising 100% grass fed AND finished, chemical-free beef in the Gympie Region.

Better tasting…Better for you!

There are many reasons why beef raised on grass is better for you. At CGL Beef we emulate the growing and eating and patterns of livestock from days gone by.

healthy beef

Grass Fed Beef

We believe that good, safe food should be affordable and locally available. We raise our beef and chickens out in the paddock where they can access natural pasture their entire lives.

Paddock Raised Chooks

Since 2015 we have been producing paddock reared chickens with a tenderness and flavour that we can’t help but crow about!

free range chicken


1. Fill in the BEEF ORDER FORM

2. Click ‘SUBMIT ORDER’ so it comes to us


4. We receive your order & deposit & contact you about delivery

5. Our butcher calculates weights & final invoice is emailed to you


In the Gympie Region

For customers in the Gympie area, we’ll arrange for you to collect your order from our butcher in Gympie

Outside the Gympie Region

For customers outside Gympie there is a $30 delivery fee. We’ll let you know when delivery will occur.

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