It’s here!  Our new online home is live.

What a relief! No more organising, scheduling, herding (kids or cows!), no more synchronised watches…all right maybe we didn’t go that far, but nearly!

Planning for the new CGL Beef website started last year… around the time of our buying/selling/moving saga.  And… once an idea is formed, it’s hard to let it go. So once the paint on the new old walls was dry we turned our attention to getting our ducks in a row – or should that be chooks – and making our new website happen.

We’ve not done it alone, not by a long shot!

We’ve been very fortunate to have amazing people to work with who have quite literally walked our walk with us to bring this to life, thanks to Bronwyn and Alan Wood from Brand House Co.

We didn’t deliberately choose a young, sporty photographer for the job, but those attributes proved useful as Leeroy Todd jogged through the long grass to keep in front of the mob.  He has no doubt added ‘chook herder’ to his CV – those birds had no interest in posing for him at all! And when you work with kids and animals you NEVER know what you are going to get! Bambi Gosbell also came to the aid – it’s talent when you can make raw meat look positively sexy!

new CGL website
aussi hamburger
CGL website

Those stunning foodie shots

Yes, they are all ‘our’ own work (note the way I casually included myself in that creative grouping!). Well, in reality, all I did was deliver the beef on a very rainy day and wash up.  Oh and hand model!  I’m getting good at that!  My unique crooked fingers will be sort after shortly!

And then there were the children!

At present we are awash with puppies, so of course we had to bring the oldest one with us, didn’t we?  The little farmers aren’t so little now which means they can be slightly less agreeable than they might once have been…(squabbling over puppy; who did or didn’t get to ride the pony; one child plays up to the camera while the other can’t smile when the camera is pointed at him!).

Tell me it’s the same at your house…please!

queensland beef
farm kids
CGL beef family

Looks can be deceiving

Although it may look like we just casually strolled out into the paddock and took some photos; it is in fact the epitome of that old saying about the swan on the lake.  From a distance the swan is beautiful and serene…underneath she’s paddling like a mad thing to stay put.

That’s pretty much us in general! We’re not showing the sweaty faces and stinking clothes and you can’t hear the strain in MR CGL’s voice on the day of the food shoot – because he had cattle waiting to be transported to the abattoir that same morning. And with rain bucketing down the creeks were rising fast and he wasn’t certain the truck would get in. Not the end of the world, but a very big pain in the neck when customers are expecting beef on a set date.

Nor do you see a frazzled mum hurrying two kids to finish dinner as the day ends, while she pops a plate into the oven for a husband who still has an hour to drive home from a day of mustering.

What you do see

… is the stuff we choose to see every day – our hearts desire: happy kids, healthy animals, dogs that love us, horses that allow us into their world, the sun, wind and rain on our faces and healthy food that makes you feel good.

So go for a stroll through our site.  Escape into our world for a while…it’s a pretty special place.

Karen (Warren and the ‘not-so’ little farmers)

cattle mustering queensland

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