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Born farmers, and loving it

Both Warren and Karen grew up on family farms in the Gympie region.  Between them they proudly represent seven generations of Australian farming families.

“i just couldn’t imagine us doing anything else,” says Karen.

CGL Beef was started in 2010, following a mystery illness suffered by Warren that was eventually, loosely diagnosed as chemical intolerance. While never heavy users of chemicals the decision was taken to never use any chemicals ever again.

We were producing these amazing grass fed, chemical free, ‘tasty-as’, organic cattle. It just didn’t seem right to send them off to the ‘mish-mash’ that is the cattle sale yards and so we decided to start selling directly to the public. That’s when we started CGL Beef.”

Eco-friendly Farming

CGL Beef are passionate believers in the importance of regenerative farming. They are constantly employing strategies to improve the soil, biodiversity and flora and fauna of the farm.

Disciples of environmentally friendly farming guru, Joel Salatin from Polyface Farms in the United States, Warren and Karen understand the importance of soil health. They believe it is the platform for healthy plant life, healthy livestock and ultimately healthy people.

Clean, Green & Local

We named our company CGL Beef because we believe that the words CLEAN, GREEN and LOCAL describe both our philosophy towards farming, as well as the way food should be produced. Since 2010 we have been raising 100% grass fed, chemical free beef in the Gympie Region.


Our Farming Practices

We practice regenerative farming methods – constantly implementing strategies which will improve our soil, our biodiversity, and the habitat for flora and fauna – methods that we passionately believe will lead to improved animal and ultimately human health. Our cattle are processed locally and sold in bulk, direct to the public, which allows us to provide an organic quality product at an affordable price.


Along Came the Chooks

More recently, in 2016, we introduced paddock raised chickens to our farm. These are raised in purpose-built cages which are moved onto fresh grass every day. Of course, no hormones, antibiotics or any other nasty chemical additives or growth promotants are ever used. Our chicken and beef is tender and delicious, grown in a way that is good for you and good for the environment. As our name says – CLEAN, GREEN and LOCAL.


“I just wanted to say how awesome your paddock raised chooks taste! I ordered some with a beef pack and they taste amazing!”


Katie Clews, Hervey Bay

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