paddock raised chooks

Flavour to Flap About

Since 2015 we have been producing paddock reared chickens with a tenderness and flavour that we can’t help but crow about!

Of course, our birds are chemical free and we don’t use any hormones, anti-biotics or anything similarly nasty. They live in portable purpose-built pens, outside in the fresh air and sunlight, eating loads of fresh grass every day – and anything else they manage to scratch up as they forage.

scratching in the grass movable outdoor pens

How we Grow our Chooks

Day old ‘fluff balls’ (broiler chicks) come to the farm and are raised in a secure warm brooder facility for 2-3 weeks, until they are old enough to regulate their own body temperature.

Once old enough, they are transferred to our light-weight, floor-less, outdoor pens which are moved every day. By keeping them in these moveable pens we protect them from predators. We can also minimalise the damage they can cause by foraging in the one place for too long, as chickens are prone do.

By moving them daily we are moving them off yesterday’s manure pack – which is accepted with relish by our grass, soil and all the micro-organisms living there.

Growing a Better Bird

Grown outdoors with actual sunlight (no artificial lighting) means the birds have access to natural Vitamin D. Fresh green grass is packed with chlorophyll which is power packed with goodness for our chickens.

With room to move these birds build up muscle tone with scratching, hunting and dust bathing. By consuming abundant natural grass the chicken develops more flavour. Just as grass fed beef has more flavour than grain fed – so our chickens taste better than a grain fed bird.

Most importantly our young chickens are able to access fresh grass every day – which chickens love to eat by the way, as they consume between 30 to 40% of the grass they are on every day.

“These are the loveliest and most passionate holistic farmers who produce top quality, delicious products”


Aimee Clark, Maroochydore

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