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Our PADDOCK RAISED CHOOKS live life outdoors.  They eat, drink, rest and grow when THEY want.  Because of this each bird and each portion of cuts vary is price and size.  To help this natural ‘anomoly’ work better with the binary world of internet selling, we request a deposit be paid on each item, with the total to pay being recorded once the orders are compiled.  Invoices will be sent before delivery day.

Enjoy organic quality, grass fed, chemical free chicken at an affordable price by ordering below.


Whole Birds | Breast Fillets | Thigh Fillets | Chops | Breast Mince | Breast Strips | Wings | Drumsticks | Frames | Marylands

We strive to keep all your favourite cuts available, but you know how it is…the early birds gets the worm, so at times some cuts do sell out.

The order form has up to date notification of what is and isn’t available.

Also listed there are pack sizes and ordering limits.


1. Make your chicken selections on the SHOP page.

2. Go through to the Checkout and make your payment/deposit.

3. We will email you an invoice for the total.

4. Once the Invoice is paid we will arrange for delivery.


In the Gympie Region

For customers in the Gympie area, we’ll arrange for you to collect your order from our butcher in Gympie

Outside the Gympie Region

Plus $30 delivery fee; we’ll let you know when delivery will occur.

“These are the loveliest and most passionate holistic farmers who produce top quality, delicious products”

Aimee Clark, Maroochydore

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